Trust System

The Trust system allows you to call forth alter-egos of your favorite characters to join you in battle.

Each Trust has a different job and will use AI to assist in combat by casting Magic, using Job Abilities, and Weaponskills.

Getting Started

Complete the initial Trust quests to learn how to cast Trust magic for Excenmille, Naji, and Kupipi.

Trust: Bastok
Trust: Windurst
Trust: San d'Oria

Using Trusts

Up to 3 Trusts can be added to your party at once.
Unlocking key items from the Perk NPCs in Mog will expand this to a maximum of 4 and 5 Trusts.

Cast Trust magic by selecting it from the menu or using /ma “TrustName” <me>
Trust magic cannot be used while you are silenced or in combat (have enmity on a monster).

Trust characters can be dismissed by targeting them and choosing Release, or with the Return Faith or Return Trust commands:
/refa all
/retr all

Trust NPCs will engage a target when you perform an action:
- Attack with Melee
- Cast a Spell
- Use Ranged Attack

Trust NPCs will disengage when you are disengaged. Keep your weapon drawn to stay in combat.

Trusts will match your level and use different skills at different levels.
Trusts gain natural regeneration out of combat to restore HP and MP.

So far they act like normal party members and you can:
✔ Cast beneficial magic on Trust
✔ Use party-targeted job abilities on Trust (Waltz, etc)
✔ Effects such as DNC Samba (Drain/Aspir/Haste) will affect Trust in party

Available Trusts

Additional trusts can be unlocked by speaking to them within the world. Extra requirements apply to some Trusts.

No Rank

✔ Naji - Initial quest Trust: Bastok.
✔ Kupipi - Initial quest Trust: Windurst.
✔ Excenmille - Initial quest Trust: San d'Oria.

✔ Shantotto II - 750 Event Points during Sunbreeze Festival. (Will be moved to Login Points after).

Rank 3+

✔ Ayame - talk to Ayame in Metalworks (K-7)
✔ Nanaa Mihgo - see Nanaa Mihgo in Windurst Woods (J-3) - very top of the map
✔ Curilla - inside Chateau d'Oraguille to the right.

Rank 6+

✔ Volker - talk to Lucius in Metalworks (J-9)
✔ Ajido-Marujido - talk to Apururu on the left side of the Manustery in Windurst Woods (H-9)
✔ Trion - click on Prince Royal's door in Chateau.


✔ Ulmia - speak to the Dilapidated Gate at (I-11) in Misareaux Coast to request her aid.


✔ Qultada - Unlock via Login Points NPC in @lib for 1000 points or speak to Odin in @mog as a level 50+ Corsair. Trade the Cipher you receive to one of the Trust NPCs in the starting cities (Wetata, Clarion Star, or Gondebaud) to unlock him.


✔ Lilisette - Complete all Wings of the Goddess Missions, Epilogue #1, and Epilogue #2 in Walk of Echoes.

Party Mechanics

Due to game client restrictions, party formation and command is limited while Trusts are in a party.
First join with other players and then fill up the empty slots with your Trusts.

Performing an action that causes the party to change, such as Change Leader or enabling Level Sync will despawn Trusts.
Only the party leader can add Trusts at this time. Trusts are currently disabled in Alliance situations.

Expanding Trust Limit

By default you start with 3 trust slots and be limited to summoning only 3 Trust members to your party.
This can be expanded to 4 and 5 slots by using the Perk NPC system in the Mog Garden (@mog).
Trade the Gil amount noted below to unlock the additional trust slot.

4th Trust Slot:
Ramuh - Rank 3 - Level 40+
125,000 gil

5th Trust Slot:
Alexander - Rank 6
500,000 gil

After purchasing the trust slot you will be given a Key Item. This allows you to summon a 4th and 5th Trust member to your party.