Several Jobs and Job Abilities have been altered or enhanced on Valhalla in comparison to the default emulator settings.

Weaponskills grant Regen (health regeneration) buff for a short period of time.

The rate of /heal is increased and scales based on your characters level.

Job Ability/Spell Added Effect Notes
WAR Provoke Regain for 10 sec. Regain does not stack with other Regain buffs.
MNK Boost Regain for 6 sec. Regain does not stack with other Regain buffs.
Focus Recast reduced to 180 sec.
Dodge Recast reduced to 180 sec.
Chakra Generously higher HP return. Scales with VIT and grants bonuses with Enhance Chakra Effect equipment.
WHM Divine Seal Restores all MP.
BLM Elemental Seal Restores all MP.
THF Sneak Attack Regain for 10 sec.
Diminishing DEX Boost for 10 sec.
Regain does not stack with other Regain buffs.
Steal Recast reduced to 180 sec.
Mug Recast reduced to correct 5 minutes.
PLD Sentinel Recast reduced to 180 sec. Merits can lower cooldown by up to 50 seconds.
Rampart Magic immunity for 30 seconds. Immune to all magical effects, including ailments.
Reprisal Duration increased to 90 sec.
PLD receives increased Enmity.
Divine Emblem * Added at level 87. Increases Magic Affinity: Light.
Crusader * Working. White Magic spell that Increases Enmity Gain. Available in @lib spell vendor.
DRK Last Resort -DEF reduced from 15% to 5%. Working + Merits. Up to 15%+Merits Haste (Ability) when used. Up to 15%+Merits Attack (Melee)
BST Jug Pet Bonus Jug pets feature increased stats as well as working gear modifiers to occ. multiply damage.
BRD Song Caps 4+2 songs active at once with instrument. Amount of songs active may be increased by relic/empyrean instruments.
Knights Minne V * Working. Level 80. Increases DEF of all party members. Available in @lib spell vendor.
RNG Shadowbind Cooldown lowered to 30 sec.
Barrage Cooldown lowered to 60 sec.
SAM Meditate Available as Cross-Job Ability.
NIN Enmity NIN receives increased natural Enmity.
DRG Jump Regain for 6 sec.
Magical Haste +10% for 40 sec.
Regain does not stack with other Regain buffs. Magical Haste conflicts with White Magic: Haste.
Call Wyvern Recast lowered to 5 minutes.
Wyvern Bonus Increased stats, healing rate, damage that scales with level.
SMN Avatar Bonus Increased Magic Atk. scaling at levels 10/30/50/70.
Increased weapon damage for all Avatars.
Decreased weapon delay for all Avatars.
Scaling Regen from +3/4/5 HP/tick.
Increased Accuracy / Evasion / Defense. Working -50% PDT.

Carby is 1.25x
Fenrir is the fastest @ 160 delay.
Odin and Alexander Working extra summons, that can be obtained through the SMN quest: Mama Mia NPC: Mamaulabion (Norg)
Quest: Mama Mia
Blood Pacts Blood Pact ability delay caps at -45.
“Augments Blood Boon” Multiplies Blood Pact damage by 1.5, 1.75, or 2.0 on Blood Boon procs. Blood Boon is a SMN trait to conserve mp on blood pact use.
BLU Spell Learn Rate Increased to 75% chance to learn on mob death. A majority of Blue Magic spells are working, including an extra NPC in @lib for free spells.
COR 4 Phantom Rolls Corsairs may have up to 4 roll buffs active at once (2 more than retail) Requires COR as main job.
Uncapped Affinity Bonus Corsairs aren't subject to Affinity Bonus caps and can exceed the Affinity modifiers of other jobs. Augmenting with Affinity Bonus greatly increases damage output on COR.
PUP Activate Recast lowered to 5 minutes. Can be further merited to lower recast time.
DNC Waltz V Added at level 87. Final tier Waltz that heals for a large amount of HP.
SCH Sublimation Available as Cross-Job Ability.

* Note: Custom Fellows share their presence with other pets for BST, DRG, SMN, and PUP.

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