Command Name Description Usage
@commands Lists out all available commands in chat. /s @commands
@shop Access Global shop (see below). /s @shop <option>
@ah Access the Auction House anywhere. /s @ah
@mog Instantly teleports you to the Mog Garden. /s @mog
@mog2 Mog Garden vendor and event side. /s @mog2
@lib Instant teleport to Celennia Memorial Library. /s @lib
@skilllup Teleport to custom zone with NPC training dummies for increasing skill. /s @skillup
@stats Display hidden stats such as Magic Damage, Haste, and more. /s @stats <option>
@partywarp Warp to the party leaders location. 15 min cooldown. /s @partywarp <option>
@pw Same as partywarp except less typing. /s @pw <option>
@hunt Allows you to accept all Hunt Quests. See Hunt System. /s @hunt
@besieged Displays the current status and orders of Besieged /s @besieged
@loginpoints Display current balance of Login Points. See Login Points & Rewards /s @loginpoints
@badges Display current balance of Badges of Gallantry. /s @badges
@setpvp Enable PvP mode. Can attack and be attacked by other players /s @setpvp
@pvp Same as @setpvp except less typing. /s @pvp
@sitchair Sit in a chair. Providing a number will change the chair's type, 1 to 11. Ex. @sitchair 1 /s @sitchair <chair number>
@chair Same as @sitchair except less typing. /s @chair <chair number>
@release Unstuck yourself from a cutscene. Usually force completes cutscene but should not be used for skipping. /s @release
@where Display your coordinates. /s @where
@costume Generates random costume and can be used while casting spells / job abilities / weaponskills. /s @costume
@petcostume Generates random costume for your pet. /s @petcostume
@setmusic Allows you to control and play different music. See Music List . /s @setmusic <type> <song>
@mountmusic Toggles whether the mount/chocobo theme is played when using a Mount. /s @mountmusic

Type the commands directly into the chat bar.
Commands are case-sensitive.

The @shop command is global and can be used anywhere.
Use the Perk NPCs System to unlock an expanded selection of items, food, ammunition, HQ crafting crystals, tools (Ninja and HELM), and Pet supplies.

  • @shop - A mobile shop with Scroll of Instant warp, Potions, Remedies, and more.
  • @shop food - A shop with common and modified foods.
  • @shop tools - A shop with gathering and ninjitsu tools.
  • @shop crystals - A shop with HQ crystals for adding your name to items.
  • @shop ammo - A shop with common ammos.
  • @shop waifu - A shop with follower items.
  • @shop pet - Same as waifu just easier to remember.


  • /say
  • /tell
  • /shout
  • /yell
  • /linkshell
  • /party


  • /away
  • /anon
  • /online


  • /sea all


  • /mount “name”
  • /mo “name”
  • /dismount

System Commands

  • /?
  • /ver
  • /servmes
  • /clock /playtime
  • /lockstyle
  • /names
  • /macro
  • /translate
  • /bstpet
  • /emote
  • /logout /shutdown

Gameplay Commands

  • /jobability
  • /weaponskill
  • /magic
  • /ninjutsu
  • /shoot
  • /range
  • /song
  • /recast
  • /pet
  • /attack /attackoff
  • /assist
  • /target /targetnpc /targetpc
  • /automove /autotarget
  • /equip
  • /heal
  • /random
  • /help
  • /wait
  • /follow

Job Emotes

Job specific emotes; /jobemote followed by the 3 letter abbreviation of JOB.
Does not require any unlocking and can be used freely on Valhalla from level 1.

  • /jobemote WAR
  • /jobemote MNK
  • /jobemote PLD or /jobemote NIN or /jobemote SMN , and etc.

Party & Linkshell Commands

  • /invite
  • /join
  • /decline
  • /partycmd
  • /party
  • /alliancecmd
  • /linkshell
  • /lsmes


/amazed /angry /bell (/bellsw) /blush /bow /cheer /clap /comfort /cry /dance /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 /dance4 /disgusted /doubt /doze /farewell /fume /goodbye /grin /huh /hurray /joy /kneel /laugh /muted /no /nod /panic /point /poke /praise /psych /salute /shocked /sigh /sit /slap /smile /stagger /stare /sulk /surprised /think /toss /upset /wave /welcome /yes