Cross-Job Ability and Trait Trainer

Unlock Abilities and Traits that can be used on any job. Once unlocked they become active permanently on your character.

  • Cross-Traits will display under the Main Menu > Abilities > Job Traits.
  • Cross-Job Abilities will display under Main Menu > Abilities > Job Abilities.
  • Buying the cross-job trait/ability twice will not stack.
  • Pet Commands: the prerequisite skill for the Signal Pearl (Call Adventure Fellow) is taught by this NPC for 10,000 Gil.

  • In order for Abilities and Traits to become active, you must have unlocked your Support Job.
  • Job Abilities are active on all jobs, except abilities on the job you currently are.

  1. Trade Gil below to Odin in Mog Gardens.
  2. Change zone to reload character to activate abilities.

Ability / Trait Cost or Requirement Ability / Trait Cost or Requirement
Pet Commands 10,000 gil Zanshin 45,000 gil
Defense Bonus 11,000 gil Auto-Refresh 50,000 gil
Attack Bonus 12,000 gil Fast Cast 55,000 gil
Magic Def Bonus 14,000 gil Treasure Hunter 100,000 gil
Magic Attack Bonus 16,000 gil Provoke Lv. 50 Warrior *
Accuracy Bonus 20,000 gil Flee Lv. 50 Thief *
Evasion Bonus 22,000 gil Rampart Lv. 50 Paladin *
Conserve MP 25,000 gil Meditate Lv. 50 Samurai *
Store TP 30,000 gil Healing Waltz Lv. 50 Dancer *
Subtle Blow 35,000 gil Sublimation Lv. 50 Scholar *
Counter 40,000 gil

* Click on Odin as Level 50 of Job to unlock.

  • Dual Wield on all Jobs

* We are working to add more as time progresses.