Login Points & Reward System

Similar to the login campaign, this new system will allow you to obtain rewards just for logging in!

Each time you login on a new day, it will earn you points to purchase unique mounts and select items for your character!

Points are awarded as such:

  • 500 points will be awarded on the first login ever.
  • 100 points will be awarded on second login and beyond.
  • 250 points will be awarded if you login on the first day of the month.
  • All points will be carried forward into the next month and will not reset.
  • There is a maximum of 2500 points that can be held at one time.

The @loginpoints command will inform you of how many points you currently have.

Points can be exchanged with the Login Points NPC: Yefafa in Celennia Memorial Library. (Picture on right)

Click on the NPC to receive a menu to select and purchase mounts/items with your Login Points.

Points Reward Notes
2500 Spectral Chair Mount Key Item
2000 Tulfaire Mount Key Item
1750 Orcish Warmachine Mount Key Item
1650 Hippogryph Mount Key Item
1500 Morbol Mount Key Item
1500 Magic Pot Mount Key Item
1500 King Moogle Mount Key Item
1250 Xzomit Mount Key Item
1000 Tiger Mount Key Item
1000 Crab Mount Key Item
1000 Red Crab Mount Key Item
1000 Bomb Mount Key Item
1000 Ram Mount Key Item
1000 Crawler Mount Key Item
1000 Beetle Mount Key Item
750 Savory Shank Pop item: King Behemoth
750 Sweet Tea Pop item: Nidhogg
750 Red Pondweed Pop item: Aspidochelone
750 Monkey Wine Pop item: Tinnin
750 Buffalo Corpse Pop item: Sarameya
750 Singed Buffalo Pop item: Tyger
750 Orchid Chip Limbus Entry
750 Cerulean Chip Limbus Entry
750 Silver Chip Limbus Entry
750 Metal Chip Limbus Entry
500 Emerald Chip Augments/Limbus Entry
500 Magenta Chip Limbus Entry
500 Charcoal Chip Limbus Entry
500 Smoky Chip Limbus Entry
500 Smalt Chip Limbus Entry
500 Scarlet Chip Limbus Entry
500 Ivory Chip Limbus Entry
500 Zelos Orb Augments/BCNM
500 Dragon Blood Augments/Crafting
250 Linen Coin Purse Currency