Command: @partywarp

The partywarp command allows you to teleport to another player on the same server.


@partywarp on - Sets you as the warp point.
@partywarp playername - Warps to the player who is set as the warp point.
  • @pw” may also be used as a shortcut for “@partywarp
  • This command can only be used while standing and not engaged in combat.
  • You must travel to another server's area if you receive this message upon trying to partywarp to another player:
A player by that name could not be found. They are either offline or in another part of the server.
  • Ask the person you're trying to partywarp to to toggle it on if you're receiving this message:
The player you are attempting to warp to has not used @partywarp on
  • Setting yourself as the target of partywarp or warping to another player will add a 15-minute Atma buff which prevents you from warping again, but will also allow other players to warp to you for the remaining duration.

Areas on specific servers may be found here.