Besieged is a battle system that takes place in Aht Urhgan zones.

Aht Urhgan beastmen go to war over the Astral Candescence. A relic of immense power that grants bonuses to its owner.
Defend the city from the beastmen hordes and prevent them from entering the Hall of Binding.
Rewards of Experience Points, Imperial Standing, and Currency are given on battle completion.

There exists three different types of beastmen in Aht Urhgan: Mamool Ja, Undead Swarm, and Troll Mercenaries.
Over time, one of the beastmen will gather an army and attack the zone of Al Zahbi to steal the Astral Candescence.
A cycle of events will continuously occur which lead up to the attack of Al Zahbi = Besieged

Each beastmen will go through 4 main stages: Training ⟶ Preparing ⟶ Advancing ⟶ Attacking
Optionally Defending if Astral Candescence is stolen.

Stage Zones Objective Rewards
Training Mamook
Arrapago Reef
Defeat Archaic Mirror monsters in beastmen zones. Trade item drop to Sanction Guard for 1000 Imperial Standing.
Preparing Defeat Archaic Mirrors, normal monsters, or recover the Astral before timer ends.
Advancing Wajaom Woodlands
Bhaflau Thickets
Defeat monsters that are advancing to Al Zahbi. Extra Rare NM Tinnin / Sarameya / Tyger appearance 100%
Attacking Al Zahbi Defend the city for 30 minutes or
Defeat the leader a “Mega Boss” monster.
Up to 18000 Experience Points
Up to 800 Imperial Standing
Large amount of Gil
3x Copper Vouchers
Defending Mamook
Arrapago Reef
Defeat BCNM Recover Astral Candescence
Large amount of EXP & Gil
Copper Vouchers

The Besieged System on Valhalla contains retail-like reproductions, except it has been altered to occur on a fixed cycle of time.
Besieged events will occur every 2 hours with a battle in Al Zahbi for 30 minutes. Regardless of who owns the Astral Candescence.

Use the @besieged command or visit a Battle Book in Al Zahbi or Celennia Library at any time for Besieged information.


Starting at 30 Minutes before the battle (1hr 30min) the Beastmen will begin to Advance to Al Zahbi through a nearby zone.

Defeat the Monsters in Wajaom Woodlands or Bhaflau Thickets outside of the city.

Battle of Al Zahbi

At 2 hours the battle will begin in Al Zahbi with an event and give all participants the Besieged Effect [\].

Defend the city for 30 minutes or defeat the Mega Boss NM.

If Serpent Generals die then monsters will enter the Hall of Binding and steal the Astral Candescence, resulting in a loss.

* Anyone can attack any monster, regardless of it is claimed by another person or party.
* EXP is not lost upon death.
* Using the Homepoint Menu during death will place you at the Residential Area of Al Zahbi.

Monsters (1 of 3)

  • Mamool Ja Savages
  • Undead Swarm
  • Troll Mercenaries


  • Serpent Generals
  • Bastion Gate / City Gate
  • Volunteers
  • Immortal Guards
  • Imperial Trooper
  • Goblin Mercenaries
  • Quqirn Freelance

NPC Buffer (Custom)

  • Near the Residential Area are 2x BRDs that cast spells giving nearby players several buffs.

Temporary Items

  • Potions and elixirs to increase power or restore HP/MP/TP.

The following rewards are given upon battle completion:

  • Up to 18,000 EXP
  • Up to 800 Imperial Standing
  • Large amount of Gil
  • 3x Copper Vouchers

If the Astral Candescence is stolen (loss) then rewards are reduced by 50%.

The Astral Candescence grants the following bonuses when it is in Al Zahbi:

  • Crafting Bonus in Al Zahbi / Mog Gardens
  • Free Experience Points Buff in Al Zahbi / Mog Gardens

If the Astral Candescence is stolen then a BCNM must be defeated to recover it:

  • Mamool Incursion
  • Halvung Invasion
  • Lamia Reprisal

Inside each of the beastmen strongholds are BCNMs areas.
They can be joined when the monsters own the Astral Candescence.
Teleportation to the BCNM area is possible by using the Battle Book.

Defeat the 3x NMs inside to recover the Astral Candescence and return it to Al Zahbi.
Experience, Gil, and several Copper Vouchers are rewarded on successful completion.

BCNM Entrance
Mamook Incursion Mamook (Map 2)
Halvung Invasion Halvung (Map 2)
Lamia Reprisal Arrapago Reef (Map 4)

See Additional Information: Recovering the Astral Candescence