Places to Get Gear and Materials

Helpful Tips

  • The @shop command is upgradeable and sells tools, useable items, food at higher tiers.
  • Check the Auction House! You can use the @ah command anywhere. Some players dedicate their time to crafting and stocking the Auction House for reasonable prices. The auction house has no limit on the number of items that can be sold by a single character.
  • Check the Library! A few custom shops have been added to Celennia Memorial Library zone. You can get there with @lib.
  • All Vendor Shops in Cities throughout the world sell different levels and types of weapons/armor/jewelry/crafting items. You'll find vendors in distant, other cities. For example, Khazam sells Lv. 20+ gear by default and plenty in other places. Other towns in the outlands sell spells and higher level equipment (Rabao).
  • It is highly recommended (but not required) that you level Thief for Treasure Hunter 2(45) or 3(90) Trait or sub it. TH+1 is also available for purchase as a cross-job trait. This will alleviate many frustrations with getting items from monsters. There is no cap on the amount of Treasure Hunter that you can gain through equipment mods and custom augments.

Getting Easy Gear

  • Level 1-20 Weapons and Armor in @lib to get started.
  • Level 1 “Onion” weapons at Treasure Chest near pond in @mog
  • At level 15, there are armor sets available as a bonus in @lib
  • At level 20+, do Daily BCNMs quests for equipment, weapons, elemental clusters, and gil.
  • Main Story / Home Nation Rank 3 - Armor and Weapons available in exchange for Conquest Points in your nation (see signet guard).
  • At level 41, use the Perk NPC to get your first Artifact Weapon.
  • At level 50, use the Perk NPC to get your Artifact Armor for your job (claim slips).
  • At level 70, get Rank 6 to unlock the Relic Vendor in the Library. Optional way to purchase a Relic Weapon for when you get to 75.
  • At level 75+, use the Exchange NPC to create & upgrade Relic Weapons/Mythical Weapons to 80/85/90, upgrade AF2+1 → AF2+2, upgrade AF3 → AF3+2.

Crafting Guilds & Vendors

Visit the Guild shops in the main cities. They have vendors selling equipment as well as materials.
They are marked on the Map with their crafting icon.
You will find a mix of equipment and crafting materials to purchase.
Guild shops have increased variety and stock.

The Crafting Shop in Library sells rare and unobtainable crafting materials.

Check out the Database for easy crafting recipes to create your own equipment.

Level 1-20 Weapons

NPC: Hestefa
Zone: Library
Sells Level 1-20 weapons.

Level 15 Salvage Armor Sets

NPC: Reja Ygridhi
Zone: Celennia Memorial Library

All armors are 2,000 gil per piece. Each set has their own jobs. This gear also drops from Tier 1 Zeni Notorious Monsters.

Enyos Breastplate Set
Hoshikazu Gi Set
Anu Doublet Set
Nemian Robe Set
Njords Jerkin set

Level 25 Salvage Armor

Obtained from Events and Tier 2 Zeni Notorious Monsters.

Level 35 Salvage Armor

Available through certain yearly events (Halloween) without augments.
Available with boosted augments through PvP Participation. (See PVP on forums.)
Added to drops from Tier 3 Zeni Notorious Monsters.

Level 45 Salvage Armor

Obtain via Boss Coffer in the dungeon Aphotic Lair (Lv.50). See Dungeon System

Level 50-60 Job Equipment

  1. Use Perk NPC System to obtain a Claim Slip.
  2. Take the slip to Caruvinda in Lower Jeuno to “Retrieve” all 5 pieces.

These are JSE (Job Specific Equipment) with their own custom looks, often referred as Artifact Armor 1.
What do they look like? Check this out:

Level 70 Salvage Armor

Salvage armor can be obtained through special drops
or by using Ghanraam to build them using materials.

NM Drops for Completed Pieces:

Level 80+ Empyrean Armor

Available from vendor NPCs in Abyssea from Curor/Dominion - base NQ versions.
Upgrade to AF3+1 with Exchange NPC.
Upgrade to AF3+2 with Exchange NPC.

Upgrade Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean Weapons / Armor

  • Relic Weapons: see Exchange NPC
  • Lv. 75 Relic Vendor: Vainrachault @ Library - Lv.70+ & Rank 6
  • Lv. 80 Relic Upgrade
  • Lv. 85 Relic Upgrade
  • Lv. 90 Relic Upgrade (Afterglow)
  • Lv. 75 Mythics: see Exchange NPC
  • Lv. 80 Mythic Upgrade
  • Lv. 85 Mythic Upgrade
  • Lv. 90 Mythic Upgrade (Afterglow)
  • Lv. 80+ Empyrean AF3 Base Armor
  • Lv. 80+ Empyrean AF3+1 Armor
  • Lv. 80+ Empyrean AF3+2 Armor
  • Lv. 75+ Empyrean Weapons: see Empyrean Weapons
  • Lv. 80 Empyrean Upgrade
  • Lv. 85 Empyrean Upgrade
  • Lv. 90 Empyrean Upgrade (Afterglow)
Rare Spells Vendor

NPC: Andreine
Zone: Library
Sells rare magic scrolls including several that are unobtainable through normal means.

Event Vanity NPC Vendor

NPC: Jedelaih
Zone: Library
Sells fun event items for Style Locking. (choco/mog suit, ark weapons, wedding clothes, furniture)