Server Information

An Alternative Experience with Unique Custom Content


  • Level Cap: 90
  • EXP Rate: 2.5x
  • EXP From Crafting: 100 EXP per +0.1 Skill Up
  • EXP From Hunt System: 1500-8000
  • Fame Rate: 2x (4x Tenshodo)
  • Gil Rate: All mobs drop gil. 2x Gil from Quests and Missions. Rate scales based on monster level and NM bonus. Working Gilfinder I & II.
  • Skill-Up Rate: 2.5x with custom skill-up zone
  • Crafting Rate: 4x Fast crafting
  • Drop Rate: Default
  • Custom Treasure Hunter Augment and Cross-Job Trait available. Custom Mandau with up to TH+3. No cap on TH.
  • Increased crystal and beastmen currency drops with no treasure pool cooldown.

Travel and Teleports:

  • Movement Speed: Fast (150%)
  • Mounts to choose from!
  • Homepoint Teleport System Teleport between cities and other crystals quickly.
  • All Outpost Warps unlocked
  • Party Warp: Teleport to a Party Member with the @partywarp command.
  • Teleport Commands: @mog @lib @skillup - Quickly teleport to custom zones like the Mog Garden or Celennia Memorial Library from anywhere.
  • Custom Teleport NPC: Teleport to custom zones.
  • Mog Garden and Celennia Memorial Library have instant homepoint warps via NPC.


  • All Maps unlocked
  • Fields of Valor: Yes
  • Grounds of Valor: Yes
  • Level Sync: Yes (Syncs player level and high level gear down to a friend's level without unequipping)
  • All level capped Battlefields are increased by +10 levels.
  • Reduced wait timers Dynamis (1 hour) and Limbus (Cosmocleanse 1 day)
  • Global Chat Server Linkshell added to all new characters.
  • Faster healing rate /heal now scales with level and HP pool size.

The Server:

  • Split server architecture on Intel Xeon Enterprise-grade hardware. Hosted in a data center with 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) Down / Up internet pipe.
  • Stable server with modified code.
  • Plenty of Non-Standard Features and Custom Content
  • Compatible with newest versions.
  • GM support 24/7 (Discord for VoIP and Messaging too!)

Alternative Leveling and Progression

Valhalla adds a new experience while maintaining the original aspects of the game. There is extra custom content available that provides an alternative to what a player will normally do to progress through. Unique character progression with a different leveling experience that takes less time and is more enjoyable both solo and in groups.

Plenty of Working Content and Missions:

  • All nation missions up to Rank 10.
  • All (ZM) Missions - Including Sky.
  • All (PM) Missions - Including Sea, Apollyon, Temenos.
  • All (ToAU) Missions - Including Besieged and Zeni NMs.
  • Partial WoTG - Working maws and [S] areas to explore.
  • Abyssea - Working teleports, NM System, AF3 / Empyrean Exchanges.
  • Dynamis and CoP Dynamis
  • Limbus / Apollyon / Temenos
  • SoA+ - New areas open to explore.
  • Custom NMs and World NMs that drop exclusive rare item drops.
  • Working Lv 1-90 Equipment
  • Upgradeable Relic/Mythic/Empyrean with custom upgrade paths.
  • AF1 / AF1+1 / AF2 / AF2+1 / AF2+2 / AF3 / AF3+1 / AF3+2 Armor sets complete.
  • Working Crafting System with Guilds, Guild Points, and over 5000 combined stock and custom synthesis recipes.
  • A majority of the world is functioning with NPCs and Monsters with improved AI (magic, mob skills, 2hr abilities, pets).

Improved Quality of Life, Solo, and Party play with:

  • Enhanced support for beginners - Get started fast with helpful NPCs selling gear sets and equipment in Celennia Library.
  • Perk NPCs - Unlock optional game features easily and gives buffs. Support Job, Advanced Jobs, Artifact 1 Weapon/Armor, Artifact 2, Relics, Sky Teleportation, Dynamis, and more.
  • Cross-Job Abilties and Traits - Learn to use Zanshin, Provoke, Flee, Treasure Hunter on any job!
  • Adventuring Fellows - Select a personal pet Ego to assist in combat with spells, weaponskills, and magic! (similar to Trust)

Custom Augment / Gear Enchanting System

  • Mix and match up to 4 augments per piece of equipment, design your own armor and weapons with additional bonuses!
  • Augment and enchant gear as you level to increase STATS, Damage, HP/MP, and 50+ other augments to create powerful combinations!

Modified Buffs

  • Enhanced Signet, Sanction, Sigil Effect: +HP/MP/Regain, +1 ATT,DEF per level, +1 EVA per 2 levels.
  • 5 Hour Buffs: Perk System trades for 5 Hour Regen/Refresh that persists through death and zoning.
  • Custom Food Effects: Buffs to certain foods, purchasable through @shop food command. Event foods with AoE effects to buff party.

EXP Systems

  • Fields of Valor & Grounds of Valor books grant excellent buffs and decent page exp.
  • Experience Point Rings with long lasting durations and can be purchased from your nation's gate guard.
  • Using the Hunt System for even more bonus EXP.
  • Gil and currency drops from monsters increase as you level up!
  • Earn EXP through Crafting - up to 900,000 EXP just for skilling up your crafts! Plenty of Hundreds of Custom Crafts included.
  • Community made Leveling Guides

Old Style with a Spin

  • Server includes old-school Lv 75 mechanics
  • Content can be soloed or in small party
  • Additional Lv 75-90 Spells, Job Abilities, Job Traits including dual wield, triple attack, etc on old jobs.
  • Additional expansion for Merit System (more increases in HP/MP, Stats, and Job Specific Merits).
  • Easier access to Artifact (AF) and Relic Armor (AF2)
  • Upgradeable Lv 75-90 Weapons and Armor
  • Optional AF3 Armor & Abyssea content.
  • Custom Battlefield Instances using several areas within the world.
  • Optional Hard Mode versions of older level 75 content for new items.

Yearly Seasonal Events

  • Participate in several Seasonal Events including Sunbreeze Festival, Harvest Festival, Starlight Celebration/Christmas, Easter, and ongoing Mini-Events.

PvP System

See Custom Content page for additional server information.