The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza seasonal event includes special rewards for a limited time!

Event Item Event Notes
Moggiebag Egg Hunt 8 charge ammo. Equip and use to gain EXP, Gil, and Currency.
Fortune Egg Egg Hunt Ammo item with Custom Augments
Happy Egg Egg Hunt Ammo item with Custom Augments
White Rarab Cap / +1 Instance Reraise on use. HP+8% All Stats +2 Treasure Hunter +1
Rarab Cap Egg Hunt Vanity
Sheep Cap Egg Hunt Dispense: Lamb treats
Carbie Cap / +1 Egg Hunt HP%+8% MP%+8% All Stats +5 Avatar Perpetuation -1
Purple Spriggan Coat Egg Hunt Vanity
Emerald Quiche Egg Hunt Modified Food (Melee)
Witch Kabob Egg Hunt Modified Food (Magic)
Salmon Roe Egg Hunt Modified Food (Ranged)
Dusky Indulgence Egg Hunt Modified Food (Pet)

Egg Hunt

Collect eggs and trade them to an Egg Basket to obtain modified foods and exclusive seasonal equipment!

1. Find the Egg NPC within the following zones. Click it to obtain a lettered Egg item!

  • Mog Garden
  • Northern San d'Oria
  • Southern San d'Oria
  • Port San d'Oria
  • Bastok Market
  • Bastok Mines
  • Port Bastok
  • Windurst Waters
  • Windurst Walls
  • Windurst Woods
  • Port Windurst
  • Ru'Lude Gardens
  • Upper Jeuno
  • Lower Jeuno
  • Port Jeuno
  • Tavnazian Safehold

* The Egg will disappear and change position to a new location in the same zone. Multiple Eggs exist in each zone.

2. Trade the Egg Basket a combination of Eggs to obtain rewards!

Combination Reward
MOGBAG Moggiebag
RABBIT Rarab Cap
SHEEPY Sheep Cap
CARBIE Carbie Cap (Carbuncle Cap) HP%+3 All Stats +2
Augments: HP+33 All Stats +1 Regain +50/1000 Affinity +1
SPRGGN Purple Spriggan Coat
DAMAGE Melee Food
HP +10% STR/VIT/DEX +20 DMG +10
CASTER Magic Food
MP +15% INT/MND +20 Fast Cast +15 Mag.Atk. +20
RANGED Ranged Food
HP +10% STR/DEX/AGI +20 Rapid Shot +10 Ranged Atk. +50
FELLOW Support/Pet Food
HP/MP +5% INT/MND/CHR +20 Blood Pact Delay -15 + Pet Mods
7x same Egg Fortune Egg
8x consecutive letters Happy Egg
DMG / Haste / Dbl.Atk / Crit. hit. / Store TP / Subtle Blow +4
* Starts with first letter of character name. E.g. Shadow = S T U V W X Y Z

Sort Items

Break stacks of Eggs down into a single using the Manual Sort option.

  1. Open Inventory
  2. Press + and choose Manual Sort
  3. Click on stack of items 2 times
  4. 1x Egg is moved to additional inventory slot

Egg Basket

Speak to the Egg-static Moogle in The Mog Garden to teleport to an Egg Basket.


  • Southern San d'Oria (I-9)
  • Bastok Markets (H-10)
  • Windurst Woods (I-10)

Eggs-traction! BCNM

Level: 90
Zone: Reisenjima-Henge
Size: 1-6 Player

Help the Chocobos recover the Eggs! Defeat the NM to complete the challenge.

  1. Speak with the Dungeon Proprietor in Leafallia (@leaf)
  2. Select “Events” > “Eggs-traction!” to join the battlefield.
  3. All members in the party will be teleported inside.


  • White Rarab Cap
    Collect 2x and synth together to create a +1 version.
    Includes Treasure Hunter +1.
  • Random Egg
  • Experience Points
  • Gil
  • Currency

White Rarab Cap +1

Use this synthesis to upgrade Cap to High Quality:

Synthesis: White Rarab Cap +1
Clothcraft Lv 1

  • 1x Wind Crystal
  • 2x White Rarab Cap

Result: White Rarab Cap +1

Carbie Cap

Spell CARBIE at the Egg Basket to receive an augmented hat.