We are proud to introduce a Hardcore mode for players that wish to relive the pre-Abyssean era of classic Final Fantasy XI, with a slight Valhalla twist.

To enable @hardcore command, you must first fulfill two requirements:

  1. Fresh level 1 character
  2. Less than ten minutes of play time (/playtime)

By accepting the quadruple confirmation, your character will be reborn with the following classic FFXI changes:

  1. EXP Rate becomes 1.0x
  2. Run speed becomes 40 (default)
  3. Craft Rate becomes 1.0x
  4. Disables access to most commands, including @mog @lib @leaf @skillup @hunt @shop(all of them) @ah @pw
  5. Disables access to mounts
  6. Disables access to trusts
  7. Hard level capped at 75
  8. Disables access to mythic/relic/empyrean weaponskills upon reaching required combat skill
  9. Disable regen from weaponskills
  10. Disable scaling based on level for /heal
  11. Disable entrance to Abyssea via abyssean maws & teleporter to Abyssea via Joachim
  12. EXP loss is back to 10% per death

The Valhalla quality of life changes:

  1. Signet remains unchanged
  2. Combat skill rate remains 2.5x
  3. Fame rate remains 2.5x
  4. Gil upon monster kills
  5. Special icon that differentiates hardcore from normal players
  6. All outpost warps are available
  7. Explorer Moogles are available