Starting in July, the Summer Moogles & Co. return to the Mog Garden to celebrate!
Kick back and cool off with treasure chests full of refreshments and treats ~
Brave the blistering suns of the beaches for unique rewards that will be sure to stay breezy ~
Complete events for points and obtain rare augmented equipment for a limited time!


Participate in three different event activities to earn points.
Then use points to exchange for a selection of rewards.
Complete quests from a Summer Moogle to gain more points!

Help the Moogles clear the beach of unwanted guests!

Defeat monsters in @mog2 for easy points.

Help Susuroon clear the waters with the NM Fishing Game!

Purchase a Goldfish Set from the Summer Moogle exchange.
Trade it to Susuroon in @mog2.
Gain bonus points for the big catches!

"Beat the Heat"!

A level capped event full of bonus loot and currency!
Speak with the Heat Master (Galka) to teleport to the event zone: Feretory.

Defend a Phoenix through 5 waves of fierce, fire-breathing monsters!

  • Each attack wave includes normal monsters and a Boss.
  • For each successful wave you will earn 1 Treasure Chest full of prizes for your party.
  • Reach wave 4 or 5 to gain Key Items and unique rewards.
  • Prizes can be collected within 5 minutes of win or loss by returning to Feretory.

Gather 3 to 6 party members and click the Phoenix NPC to begin the event.

  • Helpful spells (Cure) can be cast upon the Phoenix in battle.


Upgradable Treasure Chest

  • Contains Food and Drinks
  • Special Sunbreeze Equipment with latent effects to help in the event!
  • Upgrade to unlock more surprises.

Point Exchange

Trade in your points and key items obtained from the Sunbreeze activities to get custom food, augmented equipment, Moggiebags, and a plethora of other prizes!

Speak to Makop-Sankop or the Trade Moogle to exchange points.

Acquire event only items such as:

Reward Notes Event
summer_castors.jpg Augments:
Magic Damage+5
*Only one augmented Castor's Ring may be acquired.
Obtain Key Item: Firepower Case
Beat the Heat (Feretory)
summer_pollux.jpg Augments:
Attack+15 Ranged Atk.+15
*Only one augmented Pollux's Ring may be acquired.
Obtain Key Item: Firepower Case
Beat the Heat (Feretory)
summer_bombmasque.jpg Hidden: +8 Movement Speed
High Quality (+1) version gives +12 Movement Speed
Beat the Heat (Feretory)
Ta Moko (male body/hands) Latent:
DEF:+9 (Feretory)
Fire Damage Taken -12.5% (Feretory)
HP+15 All stats+5
Attack+10 Ranged Atk.+10
Obtain Key Item: Fireblossom
Swimming Togs (male legs/feet)
Cossie Top (female body/hands)
Cossie Bottom (female legs/feet)
Rustic Malliot (male body/hands) Latent:
DEF:+9 (Feretory)
Fire Damage Taken -12.5% (Feretory)
MP+15 All stats+5
”“Fast Cast”“+3
Magic Damage+3”
Obtain Key Item: Fireblossom
Rustic Trunks (male legs/feet)
Shoal Malliot (female body/hands)
Shoal Trunks (female legs/feet)
Various swimwear Latent:
DEF:+9 (Feretory)
Fire Damage Taken -12.5% (Feretory)”
Upgrade Treasure Chest
Yukatas Style Equipment
Mount: Xzomit Companion Trade Moogle
Moggiebag 8 charges. Each use gives:
5,000~10,000 gil
1,500~1,750 experience points
Beastmen's Seal x25~55
Kindred's Seal x4~6
Kindred's Crest x3~6
High Kindred Crest x3~6

Trade Moogle

Points Reward
1 10x Summer/Festive Fans
3 6x Kitron Snowcones
5 Goldfish Set
10 Bag of Fireworks
15 Large Bag of Fireworks
25 Cotton Coin Purse
30 Adamantoise / Goobbue Statue
40 River Aquarium
50 Freshwater Aquarium
75 Celestial Globe
100 Upgrade Treasure Chest +1
150 Upgrade Treasure Chest +2
250 Garden Hoe (Custom Weapon)
500 Moggiebag
1000 Mount: Xzomit Companion

Event Food

See: Event Food

Event Furnishings